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I will always give a quote first and will never consent to work unless a quote is given. 

This service is three years old and is growing fast- through advertising in Friston and East dean, [Eastbourne] but also via recommendation from customer to customer. 

I use an HD Petrol machine, with a surface cleaner [rotating head] preventing any splash [also a lance jet head with "splash guard". 


I wear boots - toe capped/ protection boots = BS EN ISO 20345 S5 SRA - Oil & Slip Resistant/water resistant clothing/ eye protection goggles/ear protectors. 

Being fully insured - I carry a fire extinguisher nearby and having had first aid training [I also carry a first aid kit] 

I can clean steps. walls, furniture, [horizontal or vertical] 

I can provide oil removal using a brush in liquid which I can remove / within ten minutes using pressure washing. 

I can also provide "sealant" [if needed]  

I can use sharp sand to fill between block paving – however often this creates a foundation for more weeds and grass [so I often leave the blocks to collect their own dirt] although there is a new product on the market which can be brushed in and turns like concrete after rain [to stop this]  

This service is growing fast and new customers are being added every year and come back every year or two. 

Use the service today and stop slips – before they happen. 

Stay safe and certain – do not wait until tomorrow.