Risk assessnent and health and safety

posted Apr 7, 2015, 6:45 PM by tes johnson   [ updated Jul 15, 2018, 3:32 PM ]



Risk Assessment/Health and Safety 


Ensuring safety in the workplace environment at all times 

The Manager is responsible for 

         1. Making sure all floors are dry  and free from harzards  

  1. Obstructions or any potential dangers are reported 

  1. Equipment is kept away from public areas such as hallways , doorways,  

  1. Equipment is regularly checked and maintained 

  1. All equipment has clear signs/stickers indicating the appropriate hazard or hazards 

  1. Including warning and hazard signs , care taken, work in progress, wet floor and mind the cable stickers 

  1. Stand up wet floor signs and fold up caution signs 

  1. Ensuring all floors near entrances are not only cleaned but dried 

  1. To avoid cables are away from doorways or lift doors to avoid tripping 

  1. Non toxic or bleach is never used but only , environmentally-friendly cleaning products 

  1. Any equipment not in use is locked away or stored in suitable conditions 

  1. Anti bacteria sprays and cloths are in use for wiping handrails and stairrails 

  1. Stair treads are not slippery after cleaning and are free from grease  

  1. Mops are changed on a regular basis per clean 

  1. Paying attention to door handles with disposable   antibacterial  environmentally friendly cleaning products 

  1. Floors on each level of building while mopping dry before going to next level 

  1. All floors are kept clear from hazards 

  1. Any potential hazards/accidents  are reported 

  1. Appropriate protective clothing is worn  


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