posted Aug 7, 2018, 5:59 PM by tes johnson   [ updated Aug 31, 2018, 5:15 PM ]


The surface vacuuming is using a karcher machine [for extra cleaning]

It can be used for vacumming doors, worktops, inside windows - [where stickers or other notices are used- to avoid dripping]

 Also used for mirrors or large areas where tiles need cleaning - such as in bathrooms, toilet areas..

Various Eco friendly sprays may be used depending on the areas involved, including
Anti bac sprays - sanatizer - purified water or limescale remover.


Extracting sand or dirt from floors  - using  [ a selection of  various tool heads - eg: double brush, squeegee brush/ brush or simply squeegee.

The method used depends on the work needed and the floor condition/type.


Extracting water after flooding  using a petrol machine  with filter for drawing a large amount of  water or a wet and dry machine vacuuming water.

Carpets can also be vacuumed  using a pro carpet cleaner and dry with a little time.