Block paving

Post date: Feb 20, 2015 3:15:01 AM

Using the latest in HD equipment - block paving can be cleaned and brought back to its original appearance..

Using the equivalent of a "T RACER" but being a HD Cleaning head at high power - all sand between the block paving is maintained and confined within the head of the "machines circular rotating cylinder"

This means that even after removing all the years of grime and dirt - the patio or driveway becomes like new - but even more so - the sand is not misplaced ?

TJ's nonetheless uses the highest quality sand once the paving is cleaned - to give a "good finish" to a driveway or patio, as some sand even be it "a small amount is lost due to the moss or fungi removal .

You are left with a complete and thorough job done at a very good price , contact today and consider how your drive or patio might look ?