Just setup trolley system for corona Spraying

Just setup all areas for Covid 19 Spraying.

Current contracrts can rest assured [if they keep to to distancing and masks and PPE - etc.

Outside trolley is looking good, sprays really well , backpack great and spray cannisters are looking after current contacts cleaning - customers.

Handles, doors, outside walls,[of course electrical is using disposable wipes - sprayed with Corona killing spray [this spray kills off all viruses / including covid] and then wiping electrical areas with damp disposable cloth.

Have Corona virus training [although wearing mask and eye protection - the spraying is very low hazard - once diluted - though still be very afftective in making your building safe.

That is the idea of this product [it is very,very, potent, but once diluted with purified water is low hazard- but toxic to viruses [including Covid]

Make your building safe today - either use me to make your building safe from Covid.

Or use me as your next cleaner, and get free Covid /Corona spraying/ without any extra cost .