Income ? it's relative

Post date: Feb 20, 2015 2:51:20 AM

There was a time when I had so much work that I would time everything down to the last second..

Everything was timed down to the last detail and the focus was on reaching the target....

Now the target and focus has changed and the entire business has changed - now everything I do has been scrutinised and my entire day is about reaching goals that once again maintain the highest standards of health and safety - but in affect course "recommendations" from customers and I'm now searching for "commercial window cleaning"

After years of having to reduce my hours due to health problems - now its about rebuilding and restructuring...

Learning from past mistakes and moving on...

In the past the more I earn't - the more the expense and the more tax invaded the profit

It seemed as if I hit a brick wall - but now with investment - hopefully things will begin to work

No matter how hard you work - it does not mean that you will be successful - nor does it mean that a business successful for a while will continue in the same way over many years..

As the market changes and with this change you must adapt and be prepared to make those changes

Only then can a once "successful business" continue in the same way - [find the market and adapt]