no slip proceedures

Post date: Apr 8, 2015 1:34:10 AM

Update for wet floor cleaning


It has long been a problem while cleaning floors / corridors and stairways to minimise the risk of slipping

Apart from putting wet floor signs on every level - with the constant negotiation of " where to put what sign" and "how many signs to use"

These signs in themselves can become a risk and obstruction to hallways and stairways

Due to this "I " [TJ's Cleaning] have begun to implement certain changes while wet cleaning floors

    1. One mop head per floor contract ensures non cross contamination between areas
    2. Pure water at 00.00 ratio ensures a pure clean
    3. the use of a direct to floor cleaner with maintainer ensures the floor is dry within 60 seconds
    4. I have now initiated the practice of placing a "wet floor - slip hazard sign " onto the cleaning handle being used .
    5. The new policy put into place - of "a safety sign" on the cleaning handle [Size 23.5cm/9¼” x 61.5cm/24¼”] ensures that sufficient warning is given to the immediate area being cleaned] be it for 60 seconds before dry.

Along with this "I now wear hi visibility jackets with ID tags at all times"


I always "lockup" or keep cleaning products and materials within assigned areas [using warning signs/ depending on contract/ usage/

We/I/ never take a mop bucket up with me - but rather clean a floor/level/ at a time and go back down to purify the mop head - before cleaning the next floor [in the case of stairways and corridors...

Eliminating trip hazards and spills...


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