Going back in time

TJ's Cleaning Services, Eastbourne - going back in time

TJ's cleaning services, Eastbourne

TJ's began with an old ladder and a motorbike and began from scratch with just a few customers, but soon a partnership was formed and it became T&G Homecare and was developed and built on customer recommendation, we began early in our business with Painting and decorating, domestic window cleaning, commercial window cleaning , carpet cleaning, Communal Cleaning and commercial cleaning., and we adapted and changed to meet the market and T&G Homecare became a reputable company and major service in the area and we used an old volkswagon camper as a starter vehicle which served us for many years

We bought a fleet of vehicles to facilitate growth and service

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A partnership of three was formed, known as "TGL Cleaning Services" employing full time workers

Due to the economic climate and recessions TJ's Cleaning has reduced its overheads and adapted to the marketplace by specialising in certain areas

TJ's now focuses mainly on "Commercial or Communal cleaning" working for Housing Associations and Offices, But still continues in the window cleaning trade using the water fed pole system and would like to thank all the customers that it has served over the last thirty years, and we look forward as a family Business to many more years of service - TJ's now includes many other options -including patio and bin cleaning - going back to its roots as a "home care service"

We continue our service cleaning windows using the "pure water cleaning system" window clesning in eastbourne,eastdean and friston mainly.

And continue to work within the community to provide a service.


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