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We specialise in the area of leaded windows.

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We specialise in the area of leaded windows.


We specialise in the area of leaded windows.

Using a dual trim brush  and purified water.

Pure vision with no streaks..

This brush has a dual trim -which means the main brush heads clean the window - while the inner brush  [having harder bristles]  cleans  away any remaining dirt -  using purified water..


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Using differering brushes for various uses - usually a hard brush or long bristle brush for hard to reach areas.

Depending on the area to be cleaned..

Using the the pure water fed pole system and varying brushes..

Leaving PVC or UPVC clean..


Degreaser and Oil Remover

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Degreaser and Oil Remover

This sealer comes in 20 litre containers and is poured onto  oil contaminated surfaces..

Once the oil is dissolved - the area is pressure washed..

Can be used in a factory, a lorry park, drive-in, oil spillage on paving, concrete - etc.

Cleaning up slippery surfaces where oil may be present or under the surface.



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The surface vacuuming is using a karcher machine [for extra cleaning]

It can be used for vacumming doors, worktops, inside windows - [where stickers or other notices are used- to avoid dripping]

 Also used for mirrors or large areas where tiles need cleaning - such as in bathrooms, toilet areas..

Various Eco friendly sprays may be used depending on the areas involved, including
Anti bac sprays - sanatizer - purified water or limescale remover.


Extracting sand or dirt from floors  - using wet and dry macine]  [ a selection of  various tool heads - eg: double brush, squeegee brush/ brush or simply squeegee.

The method used depends on the work needed and the floor condition/type.

Due to the MGWC site closing down and merging with FWC, I have no option but to find other guilds, membership and offers. Will update links on site etc, in the coming weeks.

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Due to the MGWC site closing down and merging with FWC, I have no option but to find other guilds, membership and offers.

Will update links on site etc, in the coming weeks.

Should begin Fire safety and GDPR courses - soon.. [When money is available]

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Should begin Fire safety and GDPR courses - soon..

[When money is available]

Code Of Practice

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Code Of Practice 


All General cleaning is undertaken with safety and high visiblity jackets or vests are worn with id tags

I use this general code for all work untaken - re: contract cleaning and see = other services.

Safety boots and safety gloves may be worn conforming to the latest safety standards and regulations where heavier cleaning is undertaken. 

General Cleaning is undertaken using antibac sprays and antibac wipes 

Vinyl and tiled Floors are cleaned using disposable mopheads at one per visit - purified water maintaining and keeping the mpo clean while using a product that dries within 60 seconds producing a a good finish on all floors,  with safety warning signs being used at all tmes eg: "slippery surface" - "warning wet floor" warning stickers on all equipment being used. 

The hoover used is a commercial numatic machine with warning sign attached , ensuring that the cable is out of harms way .

Using the latest hepa filtration system to knock out 99% of dust..

No caustic or toxic substances are used and only those that conform to coshh regulatons

I use bio -D  products which are -See :  biodegradable and hypoallergenic

Driveway/roadway cleaning is performed by request using hi vis jacket/safety boots/id tag/ 

With safety signs and warnings used when applicable 

The method s vary depending on which service you require. see more in depth info with the latest pages that are being created  for individual services @  About Services.

This code of Practice will be updated shortly 


Pure water window cleaning

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Pure water window cleaning/PPE.



Regarding pure water window cleaning – we use the latest technology in water purification, never going above the 4.00 water purification standard and mostly using water at 00.00 which gives gleaming windows with no residue left.


Membranes in this purification method are changed on a regular basis and the pre filters are changed as per on a regular basis.ensuring that we live up to the ultimate standards .


The difference between TJ's cleaning services and other companies is that “for health and safety reasons we do not use a hose trailing from a van [although we can do this]


Instead we will use a mobile machine [avoiding trailing hoses across pathways and entrances.]


This machine has the same power and efficiency of any commercial window cleaning company – but with the added bonus of less  problems of tripping or falling.


Tj's can manoeuvre this machine without leaving a trailing hose [where ever possible] instead of the usual hose used by many companies from a van to the customer/building..


This means that our health and safety is above many competitors.


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TJ's cleaning-blog

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Hypoallergenic Cleaning

I use  Bio-D products which are hypoallergenic and biodegradable.



Using Eco friendly toilet cleaners removing limescale from basins and surfaces.
Chlorine-free and Biodegradable...



Anti bac spray - used for cleaning hard surfaces, such as
kitchen surfaces - work place surfaces etc.

Kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria including Salmonella and E Coli

This product is also hypoallergenic and biodegradable.



For Vacuum Cleaning I use hepa filtration killing 99% of all dust, dust mites, allergy related air particles..

  I now vacuum using a hypoallergenic  filtration system..



I use biodegradable and hypoallergenic cleaning products,

I only use water under 004.00 purification which gobbles
up dirt from windows and is 100% dirt free..



I use microfibre cloth which is hypoallergenic - blue is for glass -
and green for dusting - different colours are for differing uses.

This page will be updated soon / as we keep up with the latest/ methods/health and safety/ etc..


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